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ShellRus 3D Pro Installation Guide

Thank you for choosing ShellRus 3D pro. ShellRus 3D pro uses ultra thin tempered glass that fits the phone screen perfectly, provides you full screen protection and smooth touch.
In this video, I’m gonna show you the complete installation process of ShellRus 3D Pro.
Before we start, please note:
1, The installation process takes about 10 minutes, please make sure to avoid direct sun light and dusty environment.
2, The JellyGlue is liquid before UV curing, do not use our product if your phone has lost its waterproof function.
3, The UV light has Micro-USB and USB-C ports, please prepare charging cable and USB power source.
Now let’s get started.
1, Place your phone on level surface, you may put the provided cardboard at the the bottom of your phone. You may cover the openings on your phone with tapes. Our special formulated JellyGlue maintains silicone texture after curing, they can be removed with alcohol.
2, Use lens wipe and dust sticker to clean the screen.
3, Pour the JellyGlue in the middle of the screen. Please make sure that you pour the whole piece of glue for each installation.
4, Double check that there’s no bubble in the glue, then take the screen protector, clean the surface that’s gonna have contact with the screen thoroughly.
5, Lay down the glass slowly to let it touch the glue. After having contact with the glue, release the screen protector and position it properly, this process takes about 30 seconds.
6, If you see bubbles trapped on the curved edge, you can carefully press that area to force the bubbles out.
7, Connect the UV light to the power source. First, we cure the middle of the screen for 7 seconds, then use oil wiper to gently wipe off the excess glue around the edge of the screen. Next, use the UV light to cure the entire screen for 1 minute and 30 seconds.
8, Please use alcohol pad and oil wiper to clean the phone thoroughly. If you see glues in your ear speaker, please pick them out and clean the ear speaker with alcohol.If you have any question, please contact our customer service team.
We provide 1 year limited warranty, if the screen protector damages under normal use, you can request customer service through our website.
The removal process is the same as any other screen protectors. Since shellrus tempered glass fits the screen perfectly, removal may be easier with the help of pry tool contained in the box.
Thank you again for choosing us.

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