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Sapphire Lens Protector
Sapphire Lens Protector
Sapphire Lens Protectorgalaxy-s20s20-ultra
Sapphire Lens Protectorgalaxy-s20s20
Sapphire Lens Protectoriphone-11-12-mini-12purple
Sapphire Lens Protectoriphone-11-12-mini-12yellow
Sapphire Lens Protectoriphone-11-12-mini-12green
Sapphire Lens Protectoriphone-11-12-mini-12white
Sapphire Lens Protectoriphone-11-12-mini-12black
Sapphire Lens Protectoriphone-11-12-mini-12red
Sapphire Lens Protectoriphone-11-promidnight-green
Sapphire Lens Protectoriphone-11-prospace-gray
Sapphire Lens Protectoriphone-11-prosilver
Sapphire Lens Protectoriphone-11-progold
Why Sapphire
A premium material certified by GIA.
Sapphire is a precious gemstone with exceptional hardness right behind diamond. Synthetic sapphire has been used on premium watches, iPhone fingerprint sensor and many other areas that require durability. Our sapphire crystals are grown in furnaces that previously used by Apple.
Extremely scratch-resistant
Sapphire is at level 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means sapphire is scratch proof to most minerals around us including sand, rock and concrete. Our sapphire screen protector will stay pristine when scratched by sandpaper.
The smoothest protector you can get.
We spend around 120 hours polishing each piece of sapphire protector, the final Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) gives it a perfectly smooth surface that’s impossible for tempered glass. Sapphire is almost twice denser than glass (3.98 g/cc VS 2.7 g/cc).
Well worth the money.
This is the most premium screen protector you can possibly get. A piece of sapphire screen protector requires a total of 30 day to manufacture, with 21 days for crystal growth. This entire process is labor and energy intensive, the manufacture cost of sapphire is 30-50 times more than tempered glass protectors. We use equipment came from Apple’s partner, with world-leading technologies involved.
How It's Made
Day 1-21
Crystal Growth
Day 22
Day 23
Multi-wire Slicing
Day 24
Day 25
Day 26
Day 27
Disk-mechanical Polishing
Day 28
Chemical-mechanical Polishing
Day 29
Screen Printing
Day 29
Oleophobic Coating
Day 30
Quality Check

About Hardness

When we search for screen protectors online, the word “9H” pops up frequently. You might have been wondering, as a measure of hardness, how hard is “9H”?

In fact, “9H” is a misleading advertisement because it’s defined according to the pencil hardness scale. Obviously, graphite will not be harder than glass.

The Mohs scale is a qualitative ordinal scale characterizing scratch resistance of various minerals through the ability of harder material to scratch softer material. The Mohs scale defines talc as 1, diamond as 10. Sapphire sits on level 9 on this scale, which means it can resist scratches from sand, rock and concrete. Our sapphire screen protector will stay pristine under extreme environment.