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Shellrus Sapphire X2 (2nd gen)


* Cut from synthetic sapphire crystal (99.99% pure). Smooth and luxurious touch.

* No notch. We made a precise ear speaker cut for the iPhone 11 Pro Max

* Larger dimension, larger sapphire coverage. ( not edge to edge, not 3D )

* Hardness level 9 on the Mohs Scale, extremely scratch-resistant.

* Twice stronger than tempered glass screen protector. High density, cleaner than glass.

* This product is made precisely for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Accessory Sapphire by Fuyuan

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Packaging Includes:

Sapphire X2 screen protector – 1

Lens wipe – 2

Dust sticker – 1

Installation frame – 1

The most durable screen protector on the planet

Sapphire is a very hard gemstone right next to diamond, with a rate of 9 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness.

Shellrus Sapphire X2 is cut from pure lab made sapphire ingot with a thickness of 0.23 mm.

A sapphire screen is more awesome than you think

Sapphire X2 is certified by GIA, buy now to enjoy the smooth and luxurious swipes on your fingertip.

Cleaner than glass

Sapphire (3.98 g/cm3) is much denser than gorilla glass (2.42 g/cm3). Our unique chemical polish process will also ensure a smoother surface.

World-leading technology

A sapphire screen protector takes a total of 30 days to produce, we are using the most advanced equipment and technology.

Tech Specs

Thickness: 0.23mm Hardness: Mohs 9 Density: 3.98g/cm³ Oleophobic Coating Purity: 99.99%

Box Includes

Sapphire X2 Screen Protector x 1 Installation Frame x 1 Lens Cleaning Wipe x 2 Dust Removal Sticker x 1


152.4 x 72 mm  


US orders: free USPS / UPS 2-3 day shipping.
Rest of the world: 12 USD flat fee for USPS First-Class International shipping, no delivery date guarantees.

Service & Returns

We offer 1 free replacement for all sapphire products within 7 calendar days from the date of delivery. If you failed to install our sapphire screen protector properly, you can contact our customer service email ( ) for a free replacement, you’ll be required to return the undamaged protector to us, we will give you the prepaid shipping label. We will ship you a replacement after checking your return. We DON’T provide service for damaged products. This service is only for customers in the United States. You may also return the undamaged product within 7 calendar days from the date of delivery, you may be required to pay for the return shipping fee. 

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