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After-sales Service

Return Policy:

Your item must be in original unused condition to be returned, please return the item within 30 days of your purchase. We do not refund the shipping costs generated from the return process.

How to return:

  1. Please email contact@shellrus.com to request a return and we will send you a prepaid USPS shipping label if you are in the US.
  2. Include the original receipt or packing slip with the package.
  3. Drop off the package at the nearest USPS office.
  4. We will issue the refund after we receive your package, the processing time will be 1-2 business days.


We are not able to provide paid shipping labels for customers outside of the United States, please go to your local postal office and ship the package to:
7770 Regents Road STE 113-312
San Diego, CA 92122-1967

Return Exceptions

Damaged products are not covered under the return policy.

Replacement for installation error. (only for customers in the United States)

We understand that this is an expensive product and a lot of stress will come up when it comes to installation. We offer 1 free replacement for all sapphire products if you fail to install properly, you can contact our customer service email: contact@shellrus.com for a free replacement, you’ll be required to return the UNDAMAGED protector to us, you’ll receive a paid shipping label via email. The replacement will be shipped after we finish the inspection, the processing time will be 1-2 business days. We DON’T provide service for damaged products. Replacements are only for customers in the United States. All replacements will be sent back to our factory for refurbishment, please feel free to contact us if you need to replace the products.

NO Warranty.

We don’t provide any kind of warranty for damaged sapphire. The excellent hardness level doesn’t mean sapphire is bullet proof, sapphire will crack like glass when it’s dropped on the floor, what we guarantee is 99.99% pure sapphire with scratch protection up to Mohs level 9.

Sapphire is extremely expensive to produce, the 30-day manufacture effort will become 0 once the sapphire is cracked, that’s why we only replace undamaged products. Some tempered glass companies do lifetime warranty because glass is very cheap to produce, most glass protectors in the market cost less than 1.5 USD at wholesale price, the cost could be covered easily when they charge you a shipping & handling fee.

Cracked? Get the next one at 30% off.
We understand that sapphire is expensive, and it hurts if you crack it. We now provide a 30% off recurrent replacement program for damaged products. You will be required to mail the damaged one back to us after you receive the replacement (shipping will be covered in the US). Please contact our customer service email: contact@shellrus.com for more information.

Damaged upon delivery:

We will get you covered if the product is damaged during delivery, we will require picture proof for a reship.

Send us a message, we will reply in 6 hours

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