FREE Sapphire Screen Protector (iPhone 14 series) for test videos

Want to get a free sapphire screen protector to test? Follow the steps below:

  1. Fill in the form below and get a 50% off discount code
  2. Place an order for iPhone 14 series protector, one for each customer
  3. After you receive it, make a short scratch test video and upload to Tiktok or Instagram, tag keyword Shellrus, sapphire screen protector. The account must be public
  4. Email the link to, we will refund your order with in 3 business days.


  • This giveaway is valid for iPhone 14 series screen protectors
  • Limited to 1 piece per customer
  • Shipping and taxes will not be refunded
  • The social media account must be public
  • No replacement for installation error

More Info:

Sapphire is scratch proof to all objects under Mohs 9, feel free to use whatever you can find to abuse the screen protector, such as sand, rock, ceramic, or any interesting objects. Don’t forget to mention or tag “Shellrus” and “Real Sapphire Protector” in the description before you post the video.