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Meet Sapphire — your phone's New bFF

You might be used to thinking of sapphire as part of an engagement ring — but did you know it's also the perfect gemstone to protect your beloved phone?

That's because Sapphire is one of the most scratch-resistant materials on Earth. It can scratch every other type of screen and lens protector out there — but they can't scratch sapphire.

In fact, the only thing thing more scratch-resistant would be a diamond.

Sapphire's far denser than glass, ceramic, and every other type of smartphone screen and protector. It also dissipates heat faster. This gives Sapphire a unique feel that's smooth and cool to the touch.

And if you touch your phone as often as most of our customers do, you'll love the difference on your fingertips — and we'd like to think your phone will love it too.

Ready to go scratch-free?

99.99% Pure Sapphire

The dream of sapphire is here

Did you know that Apple thought sapphire was the best material for their iPhone screens? Working with sapphire has many unique challenges though. Learn how we overcame unbeatable odds in order to give you the world's most scratch-resistant screen and lens protectors.