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You might be used to thinking of sapphire as part of an engagement ring — but did you know it's also the perfect gemstone to protect your beloved phone?
That's because Sapphire is one of the most scratch-resistant materials on Earth. It can scratch every other type of screen and lens protector out there — but they can't scratch sapphire.

Level 9 on The Mohs Hardness Scale

Sapphire Screen Protector:

The only thing thing more scratch-resistant would be a diamond.

Sapphire's far denser than glass, ceramic, and every other type of smartphone screen and protector. It also dissipates heat faster. This gives Sapphire a unique feel that's smooth and cool to the touch.

And if you touch your phone as often as most of our customers do, you'll love the difference on your fingertips — and we'd like to think your phone will love it too.


Lens Protector:

The iPhone lens protector stands as a small yet indispensable guardian of the device's photographic capabilities. This protective accessory serves as a resilient barrier against scratches, dust, and fingerprints that can compromise the clarity and quality of captured images.

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Pure Synthetic Sapphire on Your Screen

Sapphire VS Glass

The most brutal scratch test possible.




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Amazon Verified Customer

"Absolutely amazing. The actual screen feels smoother to the touch and nothing can scratch it. I have dropped it many times on the road and not a single scratch. Well worth the money."


Amazon Verified Customer

"No scratches ... it's an awesome product."


Amazon Verified Customer

"Since I’m in the military I use my phone in the field etc. and it has been doing a wonderful job. My phone fell 4-5 feet to concrete and it still works!"



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