Is there a guarantee or warranty on Sapphire products?

All Shellrus Sapphire products are guaranteed 99.99% pure synthetic sapphire and covered for any damage incurred during shipping to you.

Additionally, we guarantee our sapphire products have scratch protection of a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means that glass, keys, rocks, sand, and most of the other items responsible for scratching phone screens will not be able to scratch your Shellrus Sapphire screen or camera lens protector. 

However, please note that we're not able to offer a warranty for damage once you receive and use your sapphire product as the material's unique scratch-resistance doesn't necessarily prevent cracks and other breakage. This is because as gemstones get higher on the Mohs scale, they become more scratch-resistant but they also become more brittle. Diamonds are a 10 on the Mohs scale for instance, but they are more brittle than sapphire. In other words, your Shellrus Sapphire products are more scratch-resistant than any other currently available smartphone accessory, but they are — like all screen and lens protectors — vulnerable to phone drops and impact breakage.

Thankfully your sapphire items will still survive many drop and impact scenarios but it is highly recommended to use your sapphire protectors in combination with a phone case. Combined with a good case, there is no better way to protect your smartphone. 

For more info, please read our full refund and return policies.


What if I damage my Shellrus Sapphire product?

We understand how frustrating it can be to drop your phone or have breakage from unintended impact. We're happy to provide a 50% off discount (Starting Feb 1, 2021) to you if you need to make a replacement purchase for a damaged Shellrus Sapphire product.

We would love to discount further for you, but one of the things that makes your sapphire product so unique is how complex it is to manufacture. Because sapphire manufacturing costs are so high, most of what you're paying for when you buy a sapphire accessory from us is the sapphire itself. 

For more info on returning a damaged product, please read our full refund and return policies or simply contact us for help.

What is the difference between 9H and Mohs 9?

Unfortunately some screen protector brands have deliberately confused consumers in order to make their products seem more scratch-resistant. 9H is taken from the pencil hardness scale, which is not a very relevant metric for your smartphone accessories. 

The far more relevant Mohs hardness scale is specifically suited for minerals. On the Mohs scale, diamonds receive the maximum hardness rating of 10. Our sapphire has a Mohs hardness of 9, the highest of any currently available screen and lens protectors.

For comparison, a 9H pencil would only rate around a 3 on the Mohs scale. And common screen protector materials like glass and tempered glass range from 6-7 on the Mohs scale.

Do you guys make sapphire protectors for iPads, other tablets, or laptops?

We do not at this time. Unfortunately the difficulty level — and cost —of working with sapphire increases with screen size. Making a sapphire protector large enough for a tablet or a laptop would be prohibitively expensive.

Are Sapphire X screen protectors available for Android phones or any other models aside from iPhones?

We look forward to expanding our Sapphire X offerings over time. We currently don’t have sapphire screen protectors for android phones however because most of them have large curved screens. Unlike glass, sapphire cannot be bent under heat because sapphire doesn't melt until 2050 degrees Celsius. iPhones are ideal matches with sapphire because their display area is flat.

What is the thickness of a Sapphire X screen protector?

0.23 mm.


Is installing a Sapphire X screen protector easy enough to do at home?

Yes. We have tutorial videos to guide you on the installation of any of our products. Please scan the QR code on the packaging for the video. Each Sapphire X screen protector comes with a precise installation frame to make sure your installation is perfectly accurate. And if anything goes wrong, don't worry —we provide one free Sapphire X replacement (shipping included) for installation mistakes if you live in the U.S. (valid for 30 days from the date of delivery)